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THiNC book cover - Livingtree Lecture Series Stained Glass for SL

Stained Glass for SL

A complete tutorial for making stained glass on the computer, for Second Life or any other game or purpose. This is my most detailed and complete THiNC book to date, based on my experience making such glass for a RL job for a year. Here, I give you all that I learned.

The instruction is based on Photoshop®, since that's the only raster graphics program I use, but you can probably extrapolate the instruction to your own graphics program if you use something else. (Do take a look at it before you buy, though, to make sure you can.)

This book takes you through the process of creating a stained glass panel, from sketch to finished, glowing image, with all the steps along the way clearly illustrated.

After you have a panel, you learn how to make a perfect Alpha Channel, to use your masterpiece in SL. Instructions are given for panels that you've made from scratch using the methods above, which gives you lots of layers, for panels where you have only the glass and leading as separate layers, and those where you don't have any layers at all!

None of it, even the one with no layers, uses any kind of complex selections, "cutting" or Magic Wand work. (It's all done with Levels and Curves, and it's all clearly explained, so even a total novice won't have any trouble doing it.)

Finally, I show you how to make 4 different kinds of glass to use in your windows; textured glass, ripple glass, wispy glass, and seedy glass.

All told, it's 78 pages of information, with illustrations on every page, including some large images of glass that I have made using these techniques. L$100, No Copy/No Mod/Transfer.

If you hesitate to buy books sight unseen, come to the Texture Library at Livingtree (113, 97, 25) and check out the book before you buy it. You can read the whole thing, and then decide.

See you there!

You can buy this book from the SL Marketplace, or you can go to the Texture Library in world, and purchase it there.