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Flip Flops vendor and promo pictures

Flip Flops

Nothing says carefree summer days like kicking around in inexpensive flip flops!

Now you can have them in SL™. These beautifully sculpted flip flops are made to be colored. You can choose a perfectly plain pair, a plain pair with stripes on the strap and sides, or pick from 11 others with bold black graphic designs which look spectacular when you color the prims with bright summer colors.

The designs range from Checkers, Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripes, White Polka Dots, Black Polka Dots and Swirls through Asian Spirals, Raindrops and Lace to the pure fun of Footprints and the Vitruvian Man.

Since they are made to be colored and decorated, there are instructions explaining how to color, resize, and decorate the flip flops in each package, as well as a posing stand, to make it easier to get a perfect fit.

NOTE: I've redesigned the flip flops since this set, and they are lots better, but still sculpted. However, the designs will vary some from the images shown. I also have a bunch that are in various colors, and aren't designed to be recolored at all.

Available in adult size from the AV Store, or presized for kid feet (size 0) from Kick the Can in world. You can also choose from a limited selection on the SL Marketplace. L$65 a pair. Copy/Mod/NO Transfer.

You can buy a wide range of my flip flops from the SL Marketplace, or you can go to the R(S)W Main Store (for adult size) or Kick the Can in Livingtree (for kid size) in world, and purchase any of them there. If you go to the main store, I have a couple of gacha machines full of them, too!