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The hair, in Sand (Ball Fastener), Brown, Auburn (Bow), and Espresso (Band)

Abby Hair for Girls

If you're an SL girl kid, and you're looking for a cute hair style that you can wear with a hat, Abby is it!

Featuring a nice rolled braid, that keeps most of the flyaway hair out of your face, straight bangs, and a Flexy tail at the end of the braid, this style is cool for summer, and looks great for school or play.

You can finish it with a bow, covered band, or a black band with two balls, depending on your mood and the occasion. All are color-changeable via a menu, of course, with 42 colors available. Just touch anywhere on the hair to get the menu for the bow and the band, or either ball to get that menu. (You can color the balls individually, for even more fun!)

Available individually in a number of shades of brown, blond, red, and black; or buy a fat pack with four shades of red, blond, or brown.

Come try the sample hair and see the colors at Kick the Can, in the Girls section.

Individual Hair Colors (13 to choose from) L$250. Copy/Mod, no Transfer.

Fat Packs with 4 Hair Colors each (3 to choose from) L$800. Copy/Mod, no Transfer.

This item is not available from the SL Marketplace, but you can go to Kick the Can in world, and purchase it there.