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Art Glass 1

If you're making Stained Glass in Second Life, and you are searching for glass to use, I've put together a set of 15 colors of Art Glass.

All this glass is seamless, so you can make huge sheets of it, or fill a plethora of openings in your design with a single mouse click.

I made it with the Art Glass Filter I designed for Filter Forge. So if you think you've seen this filter, you probably have. But it's okay; I made the filter, too! (And, of course, these are not exactly the presets I have with the filter.)

The textures are full perm, so you can save them to your disk to work with, or apply them to prims in SL; but you're not buying the texture, you're buying a license to use it in Second Life. You are not permitted to give it away or sell it as a texture, or on a single prim, although you can sell (or give it away) as part of a build that consists of at least two prims.

I'm selling this one through Textures R Us, or TRU, in world, so the TRU EULA does apply.

If you'd like to buy this set, and use it somewhere besides Second Life, please contact me for terms and arrangements. Thanks!

15 Seamless Textures, L$350, Full Perm (TRU EULA applies)

You can buy this texture pack from the R(S)W Main Store, on Livingtree.