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Sculpted galvanized metal washtub, filled with ice and colorful cans of pop

WAshtub Full of Soda Pop

For casual entertaining, nothing is as relaxed and welcoming as an old washtub filled with ice and stocked with a plentiful variety of soda cans.

So here is a weathered tub, made of galvanized metal, stocked with crushed ice, and colorful cans of pop.

It's available as a Washtub with 13 Cans of Pop, a Washtub with 13 Cans of Pop and a Carton of Milk, or a Washtub Full of Ice. (Mouse over the kinds to see images of them above.)

All of it has been careful built of sculpted prims, rendered with shadows, highlights, worn paint or bright aluminum all looking exactly as it should. Because it's sculpted, the tub and ice are only 3 prims, and each can is only one. So there are only

Touch one of the cans, and you'll get an "open" can you can wear to drink from. (Animations are included.) When you attach it to your avatar, you'll hear the same hiss-pop you hear when you open a can of soda in Real Life. It'll stay attached until you detach it; so if you want to walk around with a can, you won't find yourself suddenly empty handed.

There's a baker's dozen flavors of pop here; some very ordinary, some not-so-common but extraordinarily delicious flavors. (At least, I like 'em!) Included are Birch Beer, Caffi-Cola, Cherry Cola, Cherry Limeade, Cherry Phosphate, Citriz Zing, Ginger Ale, It's Grrrrape, Lemon Limeade, NY Egg Cream (made with Fox's U-Bet, of course,) Orange Fizz, Orange Pineapple, and plain old Seltzer (although if you look carefully at the can, you'll see that one side says, "Attack Water.")

If you get the one with milk, touching the square part of the milk carton will give you a menu with your choice of six different milk flavors, including Chocolate, Strawberry, Whole, Skim, Rice and Almond. Click a button on the menu, and you'll get an open half pint, with a straw. Wear it to sip from the straw, and touch the carton to blow bubbles in your milk. (Milk half pints are sized for Kid AVs.)

You can also get an empty tub, with nothing but ice in it, so you can stock it with your own favorite choice of drinks. (Or enlarge it, climb in, and get really cool on hot days!) It's mod/transfer, so you can link it with anything else that's mod/transfer, or full perms.

If you want to see what the washtub looks like before you buy one, come check it out (and get a can of pop) at the Home and Garden Store in Livingtree, and at various other places on the island while it's still Summer.

The Washtub with Soda is L$450. No Copy/No Mod, but Transferable.

The Washtub with Soda and Milk is L$550. No Copy/No Mod, but Transferable.

The Washtub with nothing but Ice is L$200. No Copy but Mod/Transferable.

You can buy the Washtub with Soda, the Washtub with Soda and Milk, or the Washtub with Ice from the SL Marketplace, or you can go to Robin's Home and Garden Store in world, and purchase it there.