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Cover of Seamless Textures for SL book

Seamless Textures for SL

A tutorial book explaining everything you need to know about seamless textures for Second Life.

Includes a short discussion about what makes a texture seamless, and why we need to have them in Second Life. Then you will learn how to take good photographs for seamless textures.

Following this are six different ways to make a seamless texture, from the very easy single bathroom tile as a texture tile, through mirroring textures, using the Distribute command, Drop and Repeat, and both simple and complex photographic textures.

You'll also learn how to check your textures for "eye catchers" and how to eliminate them when you find them.

Finally, there's a bonus section - making a seamless texture using a scatter brush, and several third-party plug ins and applications that I use to make seamless textures.

All the examples are given using Adobe Photoshop®, and several methods take advantage of special PS features; but most is theory, and can be used with any graphics program.

70 pages, packed full with information, with illustrations on every page. L$100, No Copy/No Mod/Transfer.

If you hesitate to buy books sight unseen, come to the Texture Library at Livingtree (113, 97, 25) and check out the book before you buy it. You can read the whole thing, and then decide.

Sorry, this book is currently available only in world. (I'm working on it.)

You can buy this book from SL Marketplace, or you can go to go to the Texture Library in world, and purchase it there.