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Wheel Cottage Exterior

Thirty 3D Style textures, to make the outside of a Victorian cottage in SL. (The inside textures are in a different pack, since there were too many to put it all in one.)

All the textures are seamless, and designed to fit together. They are at least 512x512 pixels (the gables are 1024x512) so you can work with them easily in your graphics program. (You may want to reduce the size, for actual use.)

I was aiming for maximum flexibility; so I've included windows with and without alpha channels (so if you don't want to deal with Alpha Sorting issues, you don't have to.)

You also get windows with Shutters or not, curtains or not, and window boxes full of purple petunias or no window boxes at all.

But wait, there's more! You also get the gingerbread for the Gable "painted on", and separate, with just shadows, so you can have a free floating gable if you'd like one. Or you can use the gable that doesn't have any gingerbread at all, if you'd rather.

And, because you might not want to use the colors I used, and because I assume that you have some kind of graphics capability, I've also included masks for all the parts that aren't square, so you can recolor them easily.

I've also slipped some instructions in there, in case you don't know how to use the masks. (The instructions are for Photoshop®, because that's the program I use, but you can probably figure out from reading them how to use the masks in your program, if it's different.)

The textures are full perm, so you can save them to your disk to work with, or apply them to prims in SL; but you're not buying the texture, you're buying a license to use it in Second Life. You are not permitted to give it away or sell it as a texture, or on a single prim, although you can sell (or give it away) as part of a build that consists of at least two prims.

I'm selling this one through Textures R Us, or TRU, in world, so the TRU EULA does apply.

If you'd like to buy this set, and use it somewhere besides Second Life, please contact me for terms and arrangements. Thanks!

30 Seamless Textures, L$750, Full Perm (TRU EULA applies)

You can buy this texture pack from the R(S)W Main Store, on Livingtree.