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Baseball caps vendor and promo pictures

Baseball Caps for Kids

It's summer time somewhere in SL! Time for baseball, picnics, and camping. Time to top your outfit with a carefree Baseball Cap, to keep the SL sun out of your eyes!

These delightful, fully textured caps have a color change script that lets you pick from 11 different colors to suit every mood. The colors are real textures, too, not tints; so the embroidery looks perfect every time.

There are 10 different designs to choose from (so far.) Among them are a Plain Cap, and embroidery or patches that feature Gone Fishing, Li'l Stinker, Roses, Wild Child, and Yay!! Camping! designs. (Click on the names to see the designs above, or go back to the original image.)

Since not everyone in SL has the same head size, these hats are made from a single prim, with just one more prim for the button on top. Which means that it's really easy to resize them in any direction so you're sure to get a perfect fit! (Instructions, and a Pose Stand, come with every hat.)

Included in the package are copies of the cap that use the Nose, the Chin or the Mouth as an attachment point, so you can wear one that doesn't conflict with your other attachments.

All caps are copy/mod; so you can resize one, then make a copy in each tint and throw away the scripts, if you're concerned about lag!

They are perfect for boys or girls of any age (including the big, grown up ones!) Available from Kick the Can in world, or choose from a limited selection on the SL Marketplace. Caps are L$200. Copy/Mod/NO Transfer.

NOTE: This item is sculpt, not mesh. (I'll be upgrading them soon.)

You can buy the Plain cap, the Gone Fishing cap, the Li'l Stinker cap, the Roses cap, the Wild Child cap, and the Yay!! Camping! cap from the SL Marketplace, or you can go to Kick the Can in Livingtree in world, and purchase any of them there.