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Easter Tea Sets

Just for Easter, 3 new Tea Sets! These exquisite, sculpted sets have 16 pieces, and only 30 prims.

There's an Easter Artist set, with an old fashioned picture of a bunny painting Easter Eggs. There's the Easter Bunny set, with two bunnies in a clump of violets. And there's the Easter Lily set, with a beautiful bouquet, featuring an Easter Lily.

You or anyone in your group can click on the tray, and the teapot will start to steam gently, the cups will fill with fresh, hot tea, cream will appear in the creamer, and 3 tasty, iced petit fours will materialize on the luncheon plate.

Click again, and it all vanishes, leaving sparkling clean dishes.

Click the napkin, and you'll get a menu that allows you to choose between 3 napkin colors with different embroidery on each one, and a matching tray color.

Anyone who clicks on the pot will get an empty saucer to hold in their left hand, and a steaming cup of tea for their right. (Animations are included for all of this, of course, including my Sip animation for the tea.)

Click the cup, when you have one, and you'll be presented with a choice of 12 different kinds of tea to drink.

Click the Luncheon Plate, on the try, to get your own plate with three petit fours, to hold in your left hand.

It gives unlimited cups of tea, saucers, and plates of petit fours, so you'll never run out.

All of this, for only L$450.

NOTE: I've upgraded these tea sets since I wrote this page. The new sets are mesh! So they are far fewer prims (LI) and look much, much better! They are also copy/mod. The image above shows the old sculpted set. The new sets are shown in the images on the SL Marketplace. (I'll be upgrading this page, too, as part of the whole site update. But I thought I better fix the links and things right away.)

Come check out the demo, at the Home and Garden Store in Livingtree.

You can buy the Easter Bunny set, or the Easter Lily set from the SL Marketplace, or you can go to Robin's Home and Garden Store, in world, and purchase it there.