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Interior of Gazebo Gazebo from the Front Victorian Gazebo shown in world

Victorian Gazebo

Let this lovely Gazebo add charm to your Second Life home and garden!

This beautiful structure features a color changing roof and flag. If you, (or anyone in the group that the gazebo is set to,) touch it, you'll get a menu that lets you pick from five roof colors or 28 preset flag colors. The roof colors are actually textures, not just tints, so they react well to light.

Out of the box, it has 86 prims. If that's more than you'd care to spend, and you don't need all the stairs, or could stand less gingerbread or do without the lattices, you can easily remove prims (instructions are included.)

The entire Gazebo is copy/mod; so you can tint it, add or remove prims, change the size, or do just about anything else you like without fear of "ruining" it.

If you'd like a closer look, feel free to click on any of the three images above (the main one, or the thumbnails.) Or you can click here to see the roof colors.

86 prims, Copy/Mod, L$950.

You can buy this item from the SL Marketplace, or you can go to Livingtree (near Cheep Cheep) in world, and purchase it there.