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All Season Maple Saplings

Beautiful 3 prim trees that change seasons with a click! Five different trees available. (You can see Tree 1, Tree 2, Tree 3, Tree 4, or Tree 5 by mousing over the name, and looking at the image above.)

If you're tired of spending hours landscaping in SL™, just to have to redo it all if you want to change seasons, these trees are for you!

Click them, and you'll get a menu that lets you choose from 8 different foliage/lighting arrangements, from delicate blooms in Early Spring, through Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. In Winter, you can have bare trees, bare trees covered in snow, or trees with lights on them (both bare and snow-covered.)

Set the scripts to not-running, between season changes, to keep your script overhead low, and avoid accidentally touching them.

Each tree has its own unique arrangement of branches, early spring color, spring helicopter seed pod colors, and colorful fall leaves. In Spring, the tree drops Helicopters, and in Autumn, bright leaves fall from it.

Trees are Mod/Transfer, L$150 for individual trees. Also available in 3 packs (with Red or Yellow fall colors,) for L$375, Five packs (one of each) for L$500, or Estate Packs (3 of each - 15 trees) for L$1250.

You can see them in person all over Livingtree, or try out a demo at Robin's Home and Garden Store.