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Good Jeans

When you want to look good, but still casual (or if you never wear anything but jeans) these slightly dressy jeans are for you!

Beautifully detailed with rivets, buttons, stitching, and a striking W embroidered on the back pockets, so everyone will know that they are quality jeans from Robin (Sojourner) Wood.

The jeans come in seven different colors, with a variety of thread colors.

When I made them, I used the entire Bottom Material. Which means that your jeans will come up to the bottom of your shirt, and you won't find "notches" on the sides.

Like the rest of the SL clothing I make, these are totally seamless (except where you'd expect to find seams on a real garment.)

They are mod, so you can rip the legs off, or tint them, and copyable, so you can rename and keep the tinted jeans, and put them into Outfits.

They are sold individually, or in Fat Packs that include all the colors with one thread color, or all the thread colors for selected jean colors.

You can purchase fat packs from XStreet; I have them there in the seven jean colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Gray, Hunter Green and Light Blue) with White Thread or Gold Thread. L$250, Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

Or you can buy individual jeans from my store, L$50 each, Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

You can buy the Gold Thread Fat Pack, or the White Thread Fat Pack from the SL Marketplace, or you can go to the Robin (Sojourner) Wood AV Store in world, and purchase it there.