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A number of people who are going from Photoshop Elements to Photoshop have problems when it comes to putting their images into a non-rectangular frame. In Elements, it's easy; but Photoshop doesn't work the same way.

It's easy here too, once you know how! In this set of four tutorials, I'll show you how.

If you want to download the various frames, so you can follow along with the same ones I'm using, you can find a zipped file with all the frames here. It should start downloading when you click that link. (You'll need to supply your own pictures to put in them, though.)

Part 1 - Frames with a Single Color Background, or a Regular Shape - Purr on TV

If the background, the part of the frame where the image will go, is a single color or a regular shape, it's simple to put your picture in the frame using Paste Into! Find out how it's done.

Part 2 - Using the Channel Panel to Isolate a Frame - Purr in a Daisy

Sometimes the background isn't a single color in the image; but when you look at the Channel Panel, there's enough difference in one of the channels that you can use that to put a picture in a flat image. Like this!

Part 3 - Using Masks to Remove Clutter in a Frame - Purr in a Heart

Sometimes the image you want to use as a frame has stuff there already that needs to be removed. You can do so fairly easily by using an Overlay, and working directly on the Mask that is automatically made when you Paste Into. Want to see how?

Part 4 - Using a Layered Frame - Framing Lily

If you're lucky, or you are making the frames yourself, you can make them in layers; and then you can just use a Clipping Layer to easily add any picture you want! There's a trick, if the frame is rectangular, but crooked. Check it out!