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Tuesday Tips Video Tutorials

I've been making video Tutorials every Tuesday, on one topic or another.

You can see the latest on my YouTube channel, or my Facebook Page.

Some are in a series, and those have their own pages.

These are the quick ones. Just a few minutes long, and without the added in-depth discussion of my regular tutorials. But hopefully, you'll find them helpful!

(Newest videos are on the top)

Straighten Crooked Images

This is a snap, now with CS5. But even if you don't happen to have the latest version of Photoshop, you can still straighten your images with no fuss, muss, or guesswork!
March 2010

Step and Repeat

Step and Repeat in Photoshop? Yes, indeed! There's no command in the menus for it, but with a certain short-cut-key-combination, you can do it easily!
February, 2010

Crop a Single Layer

Sometimes, it would help a lot if you could crop just a single layer in an image, without altering any of the other layers. It turns out that you can do just that! See how.
February, 2010

Painting Fine Lines on a Mask

See the mask while you are painting, so that you can add fine detail. December, 2009

Selective Drop Shadows

Drop your shadows onto some of the layers below, but not all of them! - December, 2009