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Tuesday Tips Video Tutorials - Shapes and Paths

I've been making video Tutorials every Tuesday, on one topic or another.

You can see the latest on my YouTube channel, or my Facebook Page.

Photoshop is usually used to make raster images (a grid of pixels that make a picture.) But you can use vectors in Photoshop too! (Vectors are mathematical descriptions of curves, that look sharp and clean at any resolution.)

In this series of tutorials, we explore some ways to use vectors.

Part 1 - Using Shapes to make a Stop Sign

Find out how to combine shapes on a Shape Layer to make a stop sign. Includes using the Polygon Tool, making paths out of text, and more!

Part 2 - The Paths Panel

Explore the Paths Panel. Find out how to use Work Paths, how to save Paths, how to get the paths from a Shape Layer into the Paths Panel so you can play with them, how to fill paths, stroke them with any tool or with simulated pressure, how to make paths into a selection, or a selection into paths, and finally, how to save a path as a Custom Shape.

Part 3 - Custom Shapes

Working with Custom Shapes. How to save them, so you can collect 'em and trade 'em. How to load custom shapes that you get from other places. Some things you can do with them after you have them!

Part 4 - Intro to Vector Masks

Introduction to Vector Masks. What they are, when they're used, 3 ways to make them, how they differ from Layer Masks, and how to "invert" them (make the path show the part of the image you want to show, and hide the part you want to hide.)

Part 5 - Fun with Vector Masks

Using vector masks and layer masks in conjunction, how to pull a path out of a vector mask to use somewhere else, and using Vector Masks with Layer Styles.