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Tuesday Tips Video Tutorials - Working with Blend If

I've been making video Tutorials every Tuesday, on one topic or another.

You can see the latest on my YouTube channel, or my Facebook Page.

There are lots of things in Photoshop that everyone has seen, but no one seems to pay much attention to. One of those is the portion at the bottom of the Layer Style dialog box that's labeled "Blend If." But it turns out that is really quite powerful!

Changing the Sky with Blend If

In this video, you'll learn how to use Blend If to swap a bright blue sky behind a bare baobab tree for a more interesting one with clouds, all without having to make any kind of selection around the many tiny branches.

More Fun with Blend If

There wasn't quite enough time in the previous video to show some of the things you can do using Blend If, so I made a second one!

This time, besides refining the sky selection, you'll learn how to save the settings as a Layer Style (that's why it's in the Layer Style dialog, after all,) and then see some other fun things you can do with this very useful dialog!