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Tuesday Tips Video Tutorials - Type Tricks

I've been making video Tutorials every Tuesday, on one topic or another.

You can see the latest on my YouTube channel, or my Facebook Page.

This is a set showing some of the things you can do to embellish the type on your images.

Type Tricks 1 - Styles and Beginning Layered Fonts

In this video, you can learn how to apply a Style to a font, and how to tweak the style to suit your needs (including moving the Gradient, and building your own Bevel and Emboss Profile.) Then find out how to make it look "ghosted" while keeping the Style intact, and how to place an image inside the letter forms.

Type Tricks 2 - Layered Font Masks and Gradients

In this video, we find out how to add a Layer Mask to a clipped layer, to fade the effect in. We also change the Blending Mode, change the color of the type, and find out how to add the gradient you want when the Layer Style dialog wouldn't let you do it! Finally, we use both Hue and Saturation and Free Transform to tweak gradients that have already been applied.

Type Tricks 3 - Masks on the Type Layer

This video concludes the Type Tricks series with some advice, and some exploration of Masks on the Type Layer.