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Tuesday Tips Video Tutorials - Brick Walls

I've been making video Tutorials every Tuesday, on one topic or another.

You can see the latest on my YouTube channel, or my Facebook Page.

This is a set I did showing how you can use masks to give the illusion of a painted sign on a brick wall - either an old, faded sign, or a glossy new one - using masks.

Matt Paint on a Brick Wall

In this video, you can learn how to add texture to an image, so it looks like it has been painted on a brick wall with matt paint.

Aging the Painting

Next, you can learn how to make the painting look like it's been on the wall for years, and is faded and worn. We accomplish this by making groups, and applying a mask to them! It's all non-destructive techniques, of course, so you'll be able to change the type or image while keeping the faded paint look.

Renewing the Painting - Make it Glossy!

Finally, in a bonus third part, we learn how to make a painting on brick look like the paint is glossy and new!

So, now you're all set to paint things on brick walls! At least, in Photoshop. :D