Note: I haven't used Bryce in years; so these tutorials are archived "as is." I can't accept questions, because I don't remember the answers.

About the Course

Beginning Bryce 5

Intermediate Bryce 5

Intermediate Bryce 5 Syllabus

This is the Intermediate course. It assumes that you know all the material presented in the Beginning Course. If you're not sure that you do, or if you become confused by what you find here, please take that course first.

If you are trying to learn how to use Bryce, I suggest that you go through the entire lesson.

If you want to skip just to one part, I have many things linked below. But you should be aware that a lot of the listed items appear throughout the lesson; the link will only take you to the first time it's mentioned. In addition, some of the topics are too diffuse to link to, so they have none. You will find those things all through the lesson.