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When, Why ...If

This is a workbook dealing with ethics from a Pagan/Wiccan perspective.

I began writing it because people kept asking me questions about right and wrong. I tried to tell them they should be asking their teachers these questions; but some of them didn't have teachers, and some had teachers who didn't seem very interested in the topic.

So I wrote the book, not to tell you what you should do, but to tell you how you can figure out for yourself which is the best thing for you to do. I'm not a guru, and I don't have all the answers; only you have your answers. And if you work through this book, you may have a better idea what they are.

At any rate, other people I respect seem to think it's good. And I've gotten a lot of good reviews for it.

It has an introduction, 9 chapters (The Beginning, Honesty, Self, Love, Help, Harm, Sex, Will and Ethics,) an Appendix that explains modern Neo-Pagan Wicca in six pages, a glossary of Pagan/Wiccan terms, and a recommended reading list.

If you would like to see a bit more, you can read the Introduction, Chapter 1 (which is much shorter than any of the other chapters,) or the Appendix.

In the years since I wrote the book, I've also learned quite a bit about myself and others, so there are some changes I'd make if I was writing it now, which I've posted for everyone to read.

Perfect bound, 196 pages; no illustrations, but there is a border on every page

The book is available as a paperback book and in Kindle format, from Please use the link below to purchase it from Amazon. Thanks!

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