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This is one of the paintings I did for the book The People of Pern, published by Donning in 1988. Anne McCaffrey wrote character descriptions of everyone who had appeared in her books about the world of Pern, and I painted pictures and drew drawings to go with them, based on Anne's descriptions. The original is an oil painting on masonite.

Sebell is a young harper who is being groomed for the position of Master Harper. He has a much more conventional background than Menolly, but is still a pretty interesting character. Eventually he marries Menolly, so I made the two pictures so they would go together.

Annie had me use a man named John Kingslight as the face for Sebell, and I posed about six of my friends for different parts of the body. It was really dangerous to come to my house at that point; if you walked in the door, I made you stand still in some uncomfortable position or another. All you guys who posed, you know who you are. Thanks again!

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Prints from Zazzle come without a frame or mat, but you can have them framed if you want to.

(If you would like it on something else Zazzle offers, let me know.)

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This image is on a number of things in my Zazzle store, at http://www.zazzle.com/robinwoodent*. If you would like it on something it's not on, drop me a note. I'll be delighted to apply it to any of the merchandise there for you.