Cancer Log 19.12.21

Hey people! Happy Solstice!!

I had the echo cardio gram and it showed my heart was fine. My Hemoglobin was down to 8 – normal is12 to 16. So the Dr decided to go ahead with the last session of Chemo and to give me 2 units of red blood cells (Note: not whole blood.) So I went into the infusion center on December 12th, and had the 3 full days of Chemo. They gave me one of the units of blood on Friday, the other on Saturday, (My hands and face turned pink for the the first time in weeks.)

However, as expected, the Chemo really whipped me – to the point that although I am dictating this, Michael (retired now) is typing it in. I still don’t know how we’ll publish this, but if you’re reading this – we managed.

So, Chemo is over, and there was much rejoicing! I went into the local U of M clinic to have my blood drawn for testing Thursday the 19th. The test showed that I had a hemoglobin reading of 9.8. It’s better, but I’m still quite anemic. On January 6th I go back to get a CT scan to see how effective the Chemo has been. On the 9th I talk with the Dr again to discuss future treatments (if any).

Thanks for all you kind thoughts and well wishes! Enjoy the holiday season and you should hear from me again in the new year!