Second Life Gacha – Sneak Peek 3!

Time for another sneak peek, to show you what I’m putting in my gacha machine at The Arcade in Second Life®.

Kitty and snake made of clay
A kitty made of colorful modeling compound; make it any colors you like!

This is the exact kitty that my older sister made every time we had clay to play with. Now you can have it in SL™!

It comes in the colors shown, but of course those are just the ones I happened to have. If you’d like your kitty (or your snake, or the lid of your plā-clā (pronounced “play clay”) can) to be different colors, you can do that, because I made it easy to tint! The base color is white, so make it whatever you like.

Only a bit more than 10 days until the event opens, as I type this. So, of course, I decided to sneak one more thing into the machine!

Wish me luck!

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