Front of The Arcade in Second Life

Getting Ready for the Arcade!

It’s less than a week until setup for the September round of the Arcade opens in Second Life®!

Most of the things I’ll have in this round are finished, and on my worktable. For some of them, I’ve collaborated with Marianne McCann. I did the mesh, and she did the textures.

We haven’t decided what to call the batch ‘o prizes yet, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something. (I’m open to suggestions, if you happen to have any.)

Named or not, though, it’s time to start the Sneak Peeks! So here’s the first one.

The first Sneak Peek! This is one of my prizes from the September Round of the Arcade.

This is one of the Rare prizes. I’m particularly pleased with the way the damask fabric on the dice bag came out. If you have ALM (Advanced Lighting Model) enabled in the Graphics tab of your Preferences in your SL client, it’ll respond to light exactly the way that real damask does!

The Arcade will open for visitors on September 1. We’re getting really excited here!

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