Virtual Sandcastles in a Virtual World

Sandcastles in Second Life

So, I wasn’t sure that I was going to keep building anything in Second Life. But it turns out that some things are just fun to make, so I’m going to keep creating there; but not all day, every day. (That was ridiculous.)

I just finished making this group of sandcastles for a Gacha event that starts the first of July, and runs for two weeks.

Gacha machines in SL are scripted objects that give you a random “prize” when you pay them a set amount of money. They are very popular, for some reason. In fact, they are quite possibly the most lucrative thing that I do in SL.

So, tomorrow I’ll be filling my assigned machine with these sandcastles. I hope that people enjoy them!

In reality, of course, they are 3D models that I built in modo. Virtual castles, made of virtual sand, for a virtual world.

I really love modeling in modo. It’s quick, and easy, and a whole lot of fun. If anyone has any modo questions, I’d love to answer them!

I did the textures by first baking them in modo, and then manipulating them in Photoshop. (Baking is what we call it when we render the lighting and textures onto the UV Map of a model. A UV Map tells the program what colors go on every pixel that you see on screen. I can explain farther, if anyone is interested.)

Photoshop is my “bread and butter” program. I probably spend several hours every day in there. Speaking of which, if any of you are Creative Cloud members, I have to say that I’m really loving the new CC 2014 version.

And, of course, Photoshop questions are the only kind I like even more than modo questions! So if any of you have any, please feel free to ask me!

In the meantime, I’m still coughing from the infection that laid me low for the whole spring, although not nearly as much as I was. I’m also not sure my brain is really back on line (as you might be able to tell from this very meandering post.)

But hey! If you’re in SL, come visit OMGacha, and take a look at my machine. (I’m Robin Sojourner in world, as we say.) I think you’ll like these sandcastles!

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