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United we Stand
by Melissa V.

United We Stand

Dear Fellow Americans,

This is a call for reason and internal peace upon our mother soil.

When the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, and the terrorists discovered, we did not go on a rampage of burning Christian Churches, nor were innocent Caucasians attacked and beaten. It was recognized the murderous act was perpetrated by a GROUP--not a Race, or Culture, or Religion.

This should be the case now. We should not, in a fit of instinctive, hypocritical racism, go around destroying more fellow Americans.

We need to identify clearly the group responsible and take just action to protect All Americans against such further acts of indifferent mass murder.

It was quoted that "New York is America"--this is true. New York is a city created by and based upon ethnic diversity. If fifty-thousand people worked in the World Trade Center, and there were visitors, as well as global tourists there, you can be assured that the people there were not all of one religion. Inside those building, in that thriving city, are Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Pagans, Hindus, people of Native Faiths--this list just goes on.

It must be recognized that the madmen responsible for attacking All of us cannot be viewed as being of Arab decent, they cannot be recognized as Moslem--they were members of a SUPREMACIST group that is intolerant of freedom and diversity!

Please, my follow Americans, no matter our ancestral facial constructions or individual beliefs--we are Americans. Diversity created this country, made us the best country in the world. We are a country formed by freedom loving peoples of the entire planet. United We Stand--do not let racism and intolerance guide you, as it guided these cowardly murderers. We are better and far, far stronger than that.

We are Americans, all.

Thank you, Melissa V. of CT, USA