Vickie practicing the harp.

Harp Package 1

This is a very old set of models and textures that I used to sell. I removed it from the site some time ago, but it seems that I accidentally left a link, and someone recently found it, and tried to buy it. So, in case anyone else wants it, here you go!

This is a set of accessories for my Celtic Harp model, which you can download in the Free section. I originally made this to be used with Poser, from Curious Labs, but since it's in Wavefront .obj format, you can use it in any program that imports those files.

Included are two extra models (tuning key and harpstand,) four extra texture maps, and three pose files for use with Poser. For more information about the package, just click on the picture.

The picture, by the way, is completely unretouched. (Well, except for Vickie's elbow. But I'm not selling Vickie. If you want her, or her clothes or chair, you will have to visit DAZ. Her hair was made by Jim Burton, and is available for free from Renderosity.)

To download the .sit file (sorry, there's no .zip yet,) click here.

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