Render of Slate and Chalk

Slate and Chalk Model

For Back-to-School, a model of those slate and chalk sets that haven't been used in several generations, but that still pop up whenever Back-to-School is mentioned. The model is based on Michael's memory of a slate he saw in Wisconsin many years ago. Made with Lightwave 7.5.

The Lightwave model uses procedural textures, as shown above. (The message on the front is an Alpha map, so the procedurals show through.) I really did it this way mostly as an experiment, to see if I could split the materials on the back of the slate.

The other formats can't use LW Procedurals, of course; so I've UV Mapped them, and included a photographic texture for them, (front and back.) The Slate is mapped separately from the Frame. Since the slate map goes from one edge of the slate to the other, all you need to do to "write" on the slate is open the .jpg provided so the proportions will be correct, and go!

In case you use Lighwave, but still want the photographic map, I've provided the .jpg files separately below. (The model is UV Mapped, and ready to use them.) If you aren't using Lightwave, you don't need to download those files, since they are included with wall the other formats.

Available in four formats; Lightwave .lwo, Wavefront .obj, Autodesk .3ds, and Poser Props (on their own page.) Download the format for the platform of your choice below.

Feel free to use any rendering of the model in work for profit or not for sale. However, I retain the copyright, and you may not sell or give away the mesh or the texture files. If you want to render the model in a picture or animation that you expect be paid for, please contact me. I'm curious about how this one will be used. Thank you.

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