Poser Rose

A rose in .obj format, sized to use in Poser.

Feel free to use these for non-commercial work; but not to sell them as meshes, or give them to others. (If a friend wants a copy, please direct them to this page.) I'm not charging you anything to play with them, but they are not public domain; I retain the copyright. If you want to use them for a picture you would like to sell, please contact me. I'm sure we can work something out. Thank you, and have fun!

This is the first model I made for Poser, and is in OBJ format with a MAT file. You can choose different colors using the Material dialog under the Render menu, but you can't use texture maps with it. (I didn't know how when I made this. It's truly ancient.)

Download .sit or .zip

This is the same rose, but with UV Maps, which are included in the download.

If you already have the rose on the left, you will need to download this one in order to use the maps. They won't work with the other one.

Download .sit or .zip

The texture template for this rose is also available in .sit or .zip.

If you want more wonderful free things for Poser and Bryce, or if you simply want to ask questions of the gurus, try visiting Renderosity.com! It's a great place (but make sure you have plenty of space available on your hard drive for all the things you will want to download! <g>)