Poser Ready Harp

This is an OBJ files that is sized for use in Poser. It's ready to go for either Mac or PC. (Obj is platform independant, and the textures maps to use with them are JPG files, also platform independant.) Instructions for using them in Poser are included in the Read Me file. Of course, you can also use them in any other application which reads OBJ files, such as Bryce! <g>

Feel free to use these for your own personal work; but not to sell them as meshes, or give them to others. (If a friend wants a copy, please direct them to this page.) I'm not charging you anything to play with them, but they are not public domain; I retain the copyright. If you want to use them for a picture you would like to sell, please contact me. I'm sure we can work something out. Thank you, and have fun!

A fully detailed contemporary Celtic Lap Harp. High poly count, but if you want a realistic harp it's worth it. (Once again, it's a very old model.) Download the .sit or .zip file.

The texture map shown is included. If you want to make additional textures, the jpg for the map is available. Choose .sit or .zip.

I also have a package that includes 4 Hi-Res texture maps, 3 poses, and models for the harp stand and tuning key available here. (It used to be something I was selling, but it's very old now, so I'm giving it away. So feel free to grab it, if you want it.)

If you want more wonderful free things for Poser and Bryce, or if you simply want to ask questions of the gurus, try visiting Renderosity.com (but make sure you have plenty of space available on your hard drive for all the things you will want to download! <g>)