Render of Lollipop Lollipop Model

A model of a Whirly Pop Lollipop. You can scale this to just about any size you want, since they come in a huge range of sizes! Model made with Lightwave 7.5 and the wonderful (and free) Pictrix C-Bend plug-in.

The image map isn't packed with the model, by the way. If you want it, you have to download it separately. The UV Map is a simple cylinder, so it's fairly easy to make your own maps (although I have to admit that getting this spiral took some doing. You'll understand if you look at the map.) Because of that, the back of the Lolly isn't the same as the front. There's also a pack with two other maps avalable if you want them; cinnamon and grape. (Click on the flavors to see what each one looks like. Download them below.)

Available in four formats; Lightwave .lwo (2576 polys,) Wavefront .obj using quads (2576, some non-planer polys,) Wavefront .obj (4937, no non-planer polys,) and Autodesk .3ds (all tris, at 5164 polys.) Download the format for the platform of your choice below.

As always, feel free to use any rendering of the model in work that is not for sale. I retain the copyright, and you may not sell or give away the mesh or the texture files. If you want to render the model in a picture or animation that you expect be paid for, please write to me at "chat at" for permission. Thank you.

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