Render of glass, plates, and cookies.

13 Christmas Cookies (with accessories)

Meshes © copyright Robin Wood 2002.
Rendered in Lightwave; Click to see larger image.

A super baker's dozen of Christmas Cookies, for all your seasonal goodie pictures.

These are available in three different file formats, to meet your needs.

In Poser format, they are Poser Props (.pp2 files) for Poser 4 Pro, all ready to go, with one set of textures already assigned. (You do have to download the Light Color Maps and Bump Maps separately, though.) They should work as is on both the Mac and the PC, in Poser 3, Poser 4, and Poser 4 Pro; although if you have Poser 3 or Poser 4 you will not see any previews. (They have .png files, not .rsr files.) I'm sorry about that, but it's really just a cosmetic thing. I have no idea if they will work in Poser 5 or not. It's not on the Mac yet, and I have no way to test them.

In Lightwave format, they are Lightwave Objects (.lwo files) once again all textured and ready to import into your scenes and render. The textures you see in the image above are the ones you will get. (You do need both the Light Color Maps and Bump Maps and the Specular Maps to make them work.)

In Wavefront .obj format, they are simply meshes (.obj files) with UVs assigned, but no other textures or anything (No .mtl files.) You can import them into the program of your choice, however, and if it reads the UVs from .obj files, the texture maps will work with them. You will have to assign everything else your program requires, however, and you will also need the maps if you want to use them.

Just click on the format that you want. They should automatically download as stuffed files. You can unstuff them with Aladdin's Stuffit Expander if you are on a Mac, or Aladdin's Expander for Windows if you are on a PC.

Feel free to use the meshes and the textures for your own designs and animations; but don't to sell them as meshes or maps, or give them to others. (If a friend wants a copy, please direct them to this page.) I'm not charging you anything to use them, but they are not public domain; I retain the copyright. If you want to use them for a picture or animation you would like to sell, please contact me to get permission. Thank you, and have fun!

Download Poser (.pp2) sit

Download Lightwave (.lwo) sit

Download Wavefront (.obj) sit

Download Poser (.pp2) zip

Download Lightwave (.lwo) zip

Download Wavefront (.obj) zip