Render of Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chest

This chest is modeled after one that I remember from my grandmother's attic when I was child. Hers was lined with flowered wallpaper, and she had cut out several large flowers from the paper, and glued them to the inside of the lid on the top to make a bouquet.

This one doesn't have the same kind of wallpaper, but it's the same shape, and the same feeling. Or you can put a different texture inside, and use it for Pirate Treasure, if you prefer. I've left the top unsmoothed (hers was obviously built from several pieces of wood, and the top looked just like this, if memory serves.) But, naturally, you can smooth it if you prefer.

You can use it with the top open or with it closed or you can animate it if you'd rather, and do both!

If you're using LightWave, the model is ready to go. The bottom and the lid are on two separate layers, with parenting and pivot point set up, so the lid will open and close at the hinges. I've also set up a Skelegon in the latch, with a weight map set so the whole latch moves as a unit when you rotate the bone, so you can flap the latch around if you are so inclined.

If you're not using LightWave, the Lid and the Bottom are set up as two different objects, so you can use both pieces and open and close the chest no matter how your favorite app imports .obj files.

Both formats use 475 polys, and both are UV Mapped, of course. If you want to use the images shown above, you can download them separately. If you would prefer to paint your own map, you can grab the Template file, and do that.

As always, feel free to use any rendering of the model in work that is not for sale. I retain the copyright, and you may not sell or give away the mesh or the texture files. If you want to render the model in a picture or animation that you expect be paid for, please contact me for permission. Thank you.

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