Render of Valentine's Box

Candy Cane Model

A model of a Candy Cane, just in time for Christmas! (Well, within a few minutes, anyway.) Made with Lightwave 7.5

Once again, the image maps aren't packed with the model, but are available to download separately. The UV Map is a simple cylinder, so if you use the maps I've posted as a base, you should be able to make candy canes any color that your heart desires. I'm giving you three; Red and Green, Green and Red and Red. (Click on the flavors to see what each one looks like. Download them below.)

Available in two formats; Lightwave .lwo (472 polys,) Wavefront .obj (472 polys, none non-planer,) Download the format for the platform of your choice below. (If you're using Lightwave, you'll want to put the images in a folder called RWImages in the Images folder of your Content folder to use it without having to find the map.)

As always, feel free to use any rendering of the model in work that is not for sale. I retain the copyright, and you may not sell or give away the mesh or the texture files. If you want to render the model in a picture or animation that you expect be paid for, please contact me for permission. Thank you.

Download .lwo sit Download .lwo zip
Download .obj sit Download .obj zip
Download Image Maps sit Download Image Maps zip

This and all other work on this site is copyright © Robin Wood; all rights reserved. Please do not use it without permission. To get permission, write to Robin, and explain what you intend to use it for.