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Llewellyn Worldwide

Cards 8,2,7 and 13.

Minor Arcana Cards

Pure contentment, attainment, prosperity, bright prospects - both material and spiritual.

Knight of Wands

A journey. Practical action taken in spite of distractions. A change of residence.

2 of Cups - Balanced Friendship

Satisfying love, friendship, platonic love, a good partnership, harmony, cooperation. Two opposing forces blend and yield a glorious whole.

6 of Swords - Rite of Passage

Passage to a higher state of consciousness. Leaving difficulties for a safe refuge. A water journey. Finding understanding.

These are the meanings given in the booklet written by Michael Short that comes with the deck. I haven't included the reverse meanings (although they are in the booklet) because of space constraints, and because I never use them myself.

In fact, I advise you not to look at the booklet, for my deck or for any others. I find it works far better to look at the card, and assign it the meaning that feels right for that particular reading. But I have written a whole book on that topic!