Software Links

This is a list of some of the sites that make some of the software that I use. Some of these programs I don't have, but friends recommended them. Some I don't have, but I really wish that I did, and I plan to get them as soon as the budget will allow it.

Software companies being what they are, this list is incomplete; and some of these may belong to another company now. But in those cases, the sale should be recent enough that you should be able to find the new company listed on the site for the old one.

All of these will open in a new window, just to make it easier to check them all out! (And some have downloadable demos!)

* Shows programs that I have and currently use.


Adobe - Photoshop*, Illustrator*, GoLive*, Premiere, AfterEffects, Acrobat, FrameMaker, PhotoDeluxe, etc.

Alien Skin - Plug ins for Photoshop, After Effects etc. including Eye Candy and Xenofex

Altamira Group - Genuine Fractals (Plug In for Photoshop, etc.)

Andromeda Software Inc. - Wonderful filters and plug ins for Photoshop*.

auto•des•sys - form-Z (3D modeling software)

Auto FX - AutoEye, Photo/Graphic Edges, Studio Pro

BoxTop Software - PhotoGIF, ImageVice, ColorSafe, GIFmation*, ProJPEG

Deneba - Canvas*, DenebaCAD

Digimarc - Watermark your art, and read other artist's watermarks*

Electric Image - 3D Modeling and Rendering

Eovia - Amapi 3D, Carrara (I like Amapi; but I don't care for Cararra.)

Macromedia - Freehand, Fontographer*, Dreamweaver, Director, Flash, Drumbeat 2000, etc.

MAXON Computer, Inc. - Cinema 4D

MGI Software Corp. - LivePicture Image Servers, Reality Studio, PhotoVista

NewTek - Lightwave 3D*, Inspire 3D,

Northern Lights Productions - Unbelievable plug ins for Electric Image, including Arete's Psunami, Dante, CableCraft and more.

Onyx Computing - TreePro

Pixels Animation Studios -Pixels:3D Studio 3.5

Play - Amorphium (inexpensive, award winning 3D sculpting), Electric Image

Strata Software - Strata StudioPro, MediaPaint, VideoShop, Strata Extensions

Synthetic Software - Studio Artist (MacAddict says it's Freakin' Awesome! I haven't tried it yet.)

Totally Hip Software - LiveStage, WebPainter, Hip Clips and GIF Utility Pack

Wacom - Wacom Tablet Drivers*, PenTools* (Also tablets and accessories, of course. If you are getting a tablet, and if you are drawing with your computer you really need one, I recommend you get a Wacom.)

ZaxWerks - 3D Invigorator plug in, Vector Lathe plug in for Electric Image