Convention Links

Links to some of the shows that we go to, and some that we no longer can, and a link to the mother lode of convention listings!

They are arranged alphabetically, since there are so few of them right now. (I'll be adding more as I find them. If you think your con or festival should be listed here, and it isn't, please drop me a line.)

And they will all open in a new window for convenient surfing!

Have fun!

Arisia - SF. Held in Boston in January.

ConFusion - SF. Held in the Detroit, MI area in January.

ConTraption - SF. Held in the Detroit, MI area in early April.

ConVocation - Pagan. Held in the Detroit, MI area in February.

Dragon*Con - SF. Held in Atlanta in early July

Spring Gathering of the Tribes - Held in Yorktown, VA at the beginning of May.

Marcon - SF. Held in Columbus OH the end of May.

Minicon - SF. Held in Minneapolis, MN the end of April

Stilyagi Air Corps Calendar of Events - Fairly comprehensive listing of SF cons.