Analog Materials Links

This is a list of a few of the places on the web that you can go for various materials useful when you are creating Analog Art. (You know, things like paper, pencils, etc. As opposed to Digital Art, which uses things like software, pixels, etc. <grin>)

These stores have just about everything. In a couple of cases, I've also listed the websites that make the materials.

These will open in a new window, so you can check them out one after another.


Canson - makers of the best fine art paper on the planet, in my opinion.

Pearl Paint Online - One of the largest art supply stores in the world. They have everything!

Sandford Corp. - The guys who make Prismacolor Pencils, Grumbacher paints, Sharpie Markers, Pink Pearl and Design Kneaded Rubber Erasers, and all sorts of other stuff.