New Table and Chairs for SL

I was pretty sick over the weekend, so I’m late getting this out; but I have a new set of table and chairs for Second Life®.

Originally I made them for Marianne McCann’s in-world coffee shop, The Pen. The coffee shop is loosely based on a real one, and these are based on the real table and chairs from there!

You can learn more about them (and even buy them if you’re an SL™ resident) at The SL Marketplace.

Anyway, I’m doing better today, and with any luck, I’ll have a post that’s more than just a new product announcement tomorrow!

See you then!

SL Arcade Sneak Peek 2

A puzzle jigsaw with a picture by Marianne McCann
Sneak Peek 2 – A puzzle featuring a photograph by Marianne McCann

Today’s Sneak Peek from The Arcade in Second Life® – A jigsaw puzzle, with a photograph of Archie by Marianne McCann.

There’s more to this one than you can see here, but you’ll have to wait until the image with the entire contents of the of the gacha machine is released to see the box with a cover that can open and close.. I mean, the rest of it! Yeah!

There are materials in this one, too. It has both Shine and Normals, so it looks very realistic, just like a puzzle in First Life!