Cancer Log 19.11.19

I have great news!

As you might know, last Friday, Nov. 15, I went in for a CT scan. I haven’t heard from the doctor yet, but I got an e-mail today saying that the test results had been posted to my Patient Portal. So I grabbed my courage in both hands, and took a look.

It’s working! The summary of the test result says that compared to the CT scan from September 12, there has been a significant decrease in the size of multiple scattered non calcified pulmonary nodules, and then goes on to explain that, of the three listed, two of them are half the size they were (down from 8 mm to 4 mm) and the third has decreased from 12×8 mm to 8×4 mm.

So my cancer is in the one third that do respond to this chemo, and the tumors are going away.

I’m so glad that I changed doctors, since the previous doctor had decided to stop a therapy that was actually effective. It also makes me wonder just how big they got before they started to give me chemo!

But yay! This makes all the discomfort of chemo well worth it.

As mentioned, I haven’t spoken to the doctor. I’m pretty sure he (or his assistant) will be going over things with me on Thursday, when I see him (or her.) I’ll know after that how many more sessions there will be before I get a break, and all that good stuff. Since that’s also the first day of the next session of chemo, I don’t know if I’ll be up to posting right away, but I’ll try to at least put up a quick post letting you all know that. Or I’ll see if Michael can.

Thanks again for all your good wishes, prayers, and positive energy! 

Love you all!