The Lighter Side – Crayons!

Life isn’t always serious. 😀

Remember the smell of a new box of crayons? The delicious promise? All the colors, ranked in their unbroken glory, with crisp paper wrappers still unsmudged? It was pure delight!

I remember looking at them, all those lovely, pristine points, deciding which would be the very first to make its mark! It was an honor, being first. I didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the others. But only one could have that coveted position. So I picked.

Remember the wondrous feel of that first silky line across the paper? The thrill of pure, unsullied color. Later, it would be contaminated, as all the shades it touched left their trace. But that first stroke was magic; unadulterated perfection.

More colors would join that one, as I created a picture where there had been only blankness. It’s that act of creation, of making something out of nothing, that’s always been so appealing.

It was then.

It is now.

As I used them, the crayons would start to age, their points worn down until they looked like horse’s hoofs. I’d carefully peel away the paper, and use the Crayon Sharpener that the swooping arrows pointed to on the back of the box.

I liked my crayons nice and sharp.

But I would need colors that weren’t in the box; not even the big box of 120. So I’d scrub one color over another, mixing them on the page to get when I needed. I’d use my finger, or a kleenex, to blend colors, smudging one into another.

I’d work that box, until all that was left were stubs, grubby paper on short ends that fell sideways into the gaps left by their missing fellows.

I would work them until they were gone.

Until nothing was left but a pile of glorious pictures.


Picture Attribution: Crayons I made using MODO.

4 thoughts on “The Lighter Side – Crayons!”

  1. I have gotten into coloring in the past year. I use Prismacolor pencils, and like you, I like them sharp. I’m discovering that while I have no real talent for drawing, I have a knack for coloring.

    1. I love Prismacolors! I’ve done all kinds of work, even work for publication, using them. The whole Tarot Deck was done with Prismacolors. Did you know that? I don’t remember if I’ve told you.

      I’ve been thinking about doing another adult coloring book, too…

      Do you think I should?

      1. Yes please! I even tweeted to you about a colouring book around Christmas.

        For the holidays I ordered a few adult books for gifts vua Amazon, & kept wishing I had one from you.

        1. Okay! I’m not sure when I’ll have it, but I’ll start thinking about what to put in it, how to publish it, and so on. 😀

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