Yellow Tulips

Spring is Coming

Another 300 word piece; I wrote this one a couple of weeks ago, but it’s still very relevant.


It’s been a very mild winter. My husband, Michael, never had to take the snow blower out of the garage. We’ve had a couple of storms that gave us more than the barest veil of snow, but both were followed by days so warm there was no need to clear the sidewalks. We used the solar powered method, and let a bit of time and rain shovel them.

The latest of those storms was a few days ago, and that snow is now melting under the caress of the sun. It’s getting all soft and mushy, and I can hear it trickling down the gutters now, chuckling and singing to its Sun-Lover.

We’re supposed to have some more cold days, as Summer and Winter have their annual fist-fight. But – spoiler alert – Winter is going to lose.

It’s still weeks away, but then we’ll have thunderstorms, not snow storms. Already, it’s starting to smell more like Spring than Winter. When I was outside feeding the birds this morning, I could smell the rich smell of good soil waking from its long slumber. Under the ground, the bulbs are stirring, putting out tiny, tentative roots, feeling their way into another season of growth.

The squirrels are starting to pair up. Our crazy red squirrel has a mate already, and the two of them are running around together, terrorizing the other residents of our yard.

I’m starting to think about what I’d like to plant. It’s that time of year. Last year, I was too sick to do anything. This year, I’m talking about raised beds, and pavers, a screened in porch, and a water garden. Way more than I can actually do. But it’s fun to plan.

Spring is coming, and I’m going to be ready when it gets here!

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