The Tannenbaum Market in Second Life

One of the things I’ve been busy with the last month or so has been getting ready for The Tannenbaum Market in Second Life.

The Tannenbaum Holiday Market Event is a really remarkable shopping and gacha event for SL residents. It’s being hosted by some of the same people who do The Arcade, and has a lot of the same vendors; more than 100 creators, all told.

There’s a gacha full of machines that are selling ornaments for your Holiday tree at L$25 a pull. Botanical has a really amazing Christmas Tree there; the best I’ve ever seen in SL.

I have things there too, of course, or I wouldn’t have been working to get ready for it! Two new releases, and lots of older ones!

Holiday Ornament Box
Holiday Ornament Box

The first new one is a box of ornaments.

Really, it’s all about the box. Marianne McCann wanted it. But when I was working on it, I decided it would be a bit disappointing to have the box, but not be able to hang any of the ornaments.

So I went ahead and put the same ornaments, but with hooks for hanging, inside the box.

You might recognize the ornament that’s not in the box as the one I made for the Texture Tutorials. It is, indeed. That’s what made Mari say she really needed to have them, in a box. 😀

Row of Christmas Cards
Christmas Card Ro

The second thing I made just for this is a row of Christmas Cards, all ready to display.

It’s really a very simple piece; just seven Christmas cards, with vintage designs. Except the Chickadee on the end, which I made. I didn’t make all of them, because I didn’t want them to look like they were all made by the same person.

I also have all kinds of other things, like my Christmas Crackers, the Aluminum Christmas tree I made a couple of years ago, Christmas Tea Sets, and more.

Most of them are for sale in my main store as well, but a few, like the Nutcrackers and the new items, are only available from Tannenbaum.

So go and visit! It’s well worth your time, if you happen to be in SL, and if you celebrate the Winter Holidays.

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