Last Sneak Peek!

This is the last Sneak Peek! Soon I’ll be posting the picture of all the things from gacha machine in the September round of The Arcade in Second Life®.

Jacks from the R(S)W Gacha Machine, Playful Pastimes
Brand new Jacks, from my gacha machine in The Arcade.

Like a lot of the other things this round, I designed these to be easy to tint. (I included instructions, in case you’re new to SL™ and don’t know how to tint things yet.)

The ball is actually white, tinted red, so it’s easy to make it any color you want. The jacks have a baked on texture, but once again, it’s easy to tint them, and have multicolored jacks, if you like! (Those were my favorite, when I was a kid, ages and ages ago.)

So, setup for the Arcade starts on the 24th, and after that my part is done! And there will be much rejoicing. Also, the blog won’t be just SL stuff any more. I have a number of things I’m interested in writing. But I might take a few days off first. 😀

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