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It’s a Learning Experience…

So, I’m still working away at the WordPress Mastercourse. (Good thing I love learning new software more than about anything else I can do, huh?)

As part of the course, I’ve installed MAMP, and now I have WordPress up and running on my own hard drive. Which means, gentle readers, that you no longer have to worry about me doing something.. odd… here, when you’re right in the middle of reading something.

Experiments will now be confined to the privacy of my own computer.

However, since one of the things I need to do is get into the habit of blogging every day or so, I will be blogging here, too. 

Eventually, I’ll be transferring this blog to a different host. It turns out that there are a lot of plug-ins for WordPress. Some of them are perfectly wonderful, and I’d like to use them!

But here on, as lovely as it is, you can’t use any plug-ins but the ones that come pre-installed. Which… yeah…no.

So I’ll be here for a bit more, while I really get a handle on WordPress, themes, plug-ins, and all the rest of the fun stuff. But then it’ll be Moving Day.

In the meantime, I’ll be reveling in all the new things I’m learning! I’m having so much fun on the voyage!

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