Learning Something New Every Day…

Today, I’m learning WordPress. I needed a post to experiment with. 

experimentation is a vital part of the learning process!

Learning is Life

In my opinion, if you are paying attention at all, you are learning continually all through the day. This isn’t the same as sitting down specifically to learn something, of course, the way that I’m learning WordPress now. It’s more of a living process. I walk through the door swinging my arms, and get a bruise on my hand. I learn to be more careful walking through that door. I’m in SL™ chatting with people in Builder’s Brewery. Someone mentions that if you set the  Physics Shape to Convex Hull, you can link sculpts and tortured prims, and it doesn’t send the Land Impact sky-high. I didn’t know that! I check it out, and sure enough! Michael tries a new recipe and it’s successful … or it’s not. In either case, I learn something about what things seem to go well together, for our palettes. Learning is a continuous process.

Intentional Learning; Intentional Living

There is a concept called Intentional Living. In brief, it’s being in the moment. Doing all the things you do with purpose, paying attention to what you’re doing when you are doing it. It’s the opposite of multitasking, where you are trying to do many things at once, and dividing your attention among them all, so you’re not really more than marginally aware of what is going on with any of them. I believe that there is also a time for Intentional Learning. For putting aside all the other things that you are doing, and bending your mind and attention to developing a new skill. Just as Intentional Living can be a form of meditation, so can Intentional Learning. It’s a pause in your day. A time to relax your body, and stretch your mind. A quiet place that is yours and yours alone, to step out of the familiar, and explore exciting new paths. Between the two of them – Learning as Living, and Intentional Learning, we constantly expand our horizons, and keep our thoughts and our lives from becoming stagnant. Which is absolutely necessary to life, and growth.

2 thoughts on “Learning Something New Every Day…”

  1. I very much enjoyed this post because I truly believe that it is learning, consciously seeking information & knowledge that keeps is vital & engaged in our lives & our world. Intentional Learning ftw!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I really appreciate that. 😀

      I’m having a great time going through the course. I’ve learned so much, and not all about WordPress!

      For instance, did you know that the Developer Tools in most modern web browsers let you play with the CSS for any page you find on the web? It doesn’t affect the real page; just the way your own browser is displaying it. But still, you can learn a lot about how other people are solving CSS problems using it.
      Who knew?

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